Are there AV receivers with good 1080p upscaling?


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Aug 7, 2006
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Dear all,

I am trying to figure out what the alternatives are for feeding a 1080p screen with the best possible signals. Humax HD 2000 set top. PS3 blu-ray player and SD signals via satellite (Humax HD 2000)
Screen either Sony 46X2000, Sharp 46XD1 or comparable Sammy.

Would it be worthwile to invest in a good stand alone scaler or a AV receiver with a good video upscaler?

What would be the alternatives? A VP50 or VP 30 or is there a better suited scaler?
Would the VPxx need additaiol options to connect to the screen or doesn HDMI do? Also HDMI from Humax to scaler?

Thank you very much for any info! So much know how here!


Stand alone vidoe processor would give you much better upscaling. Lumagen have better scaling than DVDO do.

However, I would highly advise dropping the LCD and getting a plasma. Even at 1080p resolution you just cannot forgive how much worse the picture will be from the LCD over even a 768p plasma. Colour, contrast, blacks/grayscales, and image lag all come to mind with LCD.

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