Are there any headsets that will work for 360 & PC?


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Apr 13, 2003
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I know with the std xbox, there's a dongle to connect the headset. I don't know if the 360 will use the same principle, but regardless, is there a headset that will also work with PCs (even if you have to buy a dongle)?

I think you can plug the headset into a skype phone. Phone is under £10. I am also sure you can get a usb to min jack dongle.
I'm really after a PC headset asap, and having looked around, I've decided to go with the Plantronics DSP-500/GameCom Pro1 (same thing, just different colour), which are USB, and have their own soundcard.

This makes me think they wouldn't work with the xbox, but I'm not sure there's any that do. But the fact that they are USB means I can go to any room in the house, and use the PC online, with joystick, wheel, and now headset, due to USB over Cat5.
I think you can get bluetooth headsets for the xbox. I could be wrong.
That is a very good point. I think you can - the bluetooth receiver would plug into the xbox controller, and I could get a USB bluetooth receiver for the PC. I'll have a search.

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