Are there any HD-ready TV's under 23"?...


Prominent Member i can only find HD-ready on TV's of 26" or over.

Are there any under that?




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The short answer is probably not. The next step down for a widescreen 16:9 LCD from 26" tends to be 17" and I've not seen many that have the necessary connections for HD. There are some 20" around but these tend to be standard 4:3 models which don't count.

To be honest going below 26" would be a waste of time for HD anyway as you wouldn't really see much difference.

Apologies, there are some 23" models around from Philips and JVC that might be OK.


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i think sony do a 17" pc monitor with tv tuner that is high def its about £500


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you prob wont get the full benefits watching hidef on such a small screen :(

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