Are there any good freeware MT2 to MPEG4 rippers?



Hi, I curently use HDVSplit v0.75 to create mpeg2 transport files (.m2t) files on my PC from my Sony HDR-HC3. Does anyone know if there are any good freeware rippers to allow me to convert my .m2t files to mpeg4 ?

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Given the fact that currently only a handful of software support HDV, I would be pleasantly surprised to know of any freeware product which recognise m2t and also have an mpeg4 encoder, do it well and do it reasonably fast.

CapDVHS ( download link and explanations)
Will enable you capture your HDV files as Mpeg2 ( albeit at HDV pixel dimensions) . It certainly works for the HC1

It is freeware and may be worth you seeing if its mpeg2 files are easier to turn to mpeg4 as software that can do that are more commonplace even if you have to shell out a bit for quality and speed

Oh......if there is a chance anybody will know of such software they may are more likely to be in the camcorders and video editing forums


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Thanks for that link,
It certainly seems good although I would just use Canopus Procoder ( as I have it) but it is admittedly not freeware but it is fast and quality is good to excellent
and it doesnt require a PhD to figure out:)

Also it requires you to buy the quick time mpeg2 plug-in , so it doesnat really qualify as freeware and even if the purchase is affordable that has to be in the light of how much use one makes of it.

Is is certainly the case that I can (with Sony Vegas 6 /7 & or Movie Studio) actually import , edit and output m2t streams and output hem however I wish , Mpeg4 included

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