Are there any good Black Friday deals?


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Has anyone seen any good Black Friday deals for PC parts?

I'm looking at upgrading and the only thing I can see that was a pretty good deal was some Corsair Vengence RGB Memory 2x8gb for £77 which I picked up.

I'm after a Ryzen 5 3600 too but I just can't see any decent deals on anything so far. Hopefully there will be some deals tomorrow though, has anyone seen any thing that is worth while yet.


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Given that the 3600 is relatively new and many reviewer's "best CPU of the year" I don't think there is much incentive for retailers to discount it. You're more likely to see deals on the 2nd gen Ryzen (if they have any stock left by now) or previous gen intels. Personally I think the 3600 is still great value at ~£180.

Maybe keep an eye on r/buildapcsalesuk ?


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I’ll take a look at that reddit. You’re right on the retailers not discounting the newer bits, I’ll pick one up anyway along with all the new bits I’m after anyway was just hoping to see even the smaller parts I’m after with a discount, like the Corsair RGB fans.
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