Are there any flexible 4k hdmi 60fps cables out there. 8.5 meters


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Looking at getting a hdmi cable for my projector. Had a few 10 meter arrive over the weekend but had issues with them. One was fine but it was so thick that I it would never twist around my skirting boards

How do people get around this issue. Is cat cable an option and If so are there cat solutions that will do 18 gb flow

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HDMI over CAT - some Extenders now support UHD signals though they have to apply some form of compression to the signal to allow it to pass over the CAT cable. The manufacturers claim the compression is 'visually lossless'.

Hybrid Fibre HDMI - is much more flexible than a conventional copper cable and will support all current variants of UHD,

Bend Radius - see pic of the Hybrid Fibre on an internal corner.



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Monoprice do some good HDMI fibre cables

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