Are the Pre-outs on my Pioneer 2011 Poor Quality ?


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connected to a Rotel 985 MK II Power amp

get a low level but slightly annoying "whine"/hum noise - too high pitched for 50Hz noise (I think) - not sure how to describe it - but its not a clean sounding hiss.

For one channel say- Remove interconnect from Rotel - noise gone

Rotel on - interconnect still connected - but Pioneer off - noise gone

Rotel on - Pioneer on - annoying whine

Does this just mean the pre-outs are of rubbish quality then ? or anything I can do to improve things ?

thanks, Mark.


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well I've removed 60% of the whine - was a Strontronics PSU that powered the IR converter into the TIVO box.

even with this small PSU not plugged into the converter - still gave all the noise out of the speakers - so must have been very poor quality ..

I then tried another PSU - worked fine - with no noise - but somehow and I have no idea how (PSU was right rating, right polarity etc etc) - I caught the metal case of the converter - green flash - converter no more ...

every cloud has a silver lining though - as I found a different code to use on the TIVO and I found I don't need the converter anyway..

now to find the other guilty party - will try not to blow the next one up though !



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I also have a 2011 and was looking to upgrade to a new amp until somebody suggested to get a power amp to upgrade my system , how does yours sound with the power amp and was it a worthwhile upgrade:thumbsup:


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I used to have a 2011 too that I used for some months on it's internal amplification so it bedded in, then switched to my monoblocks for amplification. Dramatic difference, but depends on the amps obviously. For starters I assembled the amps and they are directly coupled, no protection, and each has it's own toroidial power supply & twin caps for instance.
Even the wife immediately noticed and I never said a word.


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PAUL RODGERS - a few days ago I would have said not - but put the Rotel power amp up for sale, and therefore disconnected it and went back to internal amplification on the Pioneer.

1st day it sounded great - then began to grate - as its rather bright etc...

now withdrawn the Rotel and gone back to that :) - so yes it is worth it.

to bear in mind - I got just as good results a while back with 2 "hifi" 2 channel Rotel power amps - these were very cheap - and worth a hunt for if you want a cheaper solution. One was a RB-960 the other a RB-970 - I bascially used the RB-960 to bi-amp the centre, and the 970 powered the fronts.

Kasumi ... your power amp setup sounds very nice indeed !


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Not to sound stupid but could you explain how i would set this system up from the beginning , what i would connect to what , how many power amps , a little bit sruggling to get my head around it thanks

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