Are the PANNY TH42PHW5B and TH42PW5B the same ?



Question as per post, can someone clue me in ?

As soon as I have an answer, i'll let everyone know where they can get this at a bargain price (inclusive of x years parts and labour guarantee !



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Hi ispeed40,

I see that it's your first post, welcome to the forum!

As far as I'm aware, the model numbers for the latest generation Panny 42" models are:

TH-42PW5 which is the consumer ( silver frame ) VGA resolution ( 852 x 480 ) pixel model.

TH-42PWD5 which is the commercial ( D ) ( charcoal grey frame ) VGA resolution ( 852 x 480 ) pixel model.

TH-42PHD5 which is the commercial ( D ) ( charcoal grey frame ) XGA resolution, High Definition ( H ) ( 1024 x 768 ) pixel model.

The silver model is sourced from Panasonic's Consumer division and as such usually commands a higher price than the charcoal grey standard resolution model sourced from Panasonic's Commercial division. Expect both of these models to be available for less than the High Definition unit. The "5" indicates that they are 5th generation models.

You often see all of these models ending with a "B" which I believe signifies that it's a UK model & an "X" which I believe indicates that it has no video input board fitted as standard. ( meaning that you would normaly need to choose & pay for one of the optional boards in addition to the price of the screen. )

ps: Any model that ends with an "E" indicates that it is a "Grey Import" non UK specific model, or "EX" which means the same & also that it has no video input board fitted.

Now, about those prices?........( & got a good price on the 50"?)

Best Regards,

Joe Fernand

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The TH-42PHW5B High Resolution 42" display in Silver is not being imported by Panasonic UK - so any of these being offered in the UK are Grey Imports; no great problem I guess if you can confirm with Panasonic UK that they can/will/must service this product.

As to getting either of these at a bargain I think the biggest problem is going to be getting one at all - Panasonic UK are struggling for stock.

Best regards



Member refer to the TH42PW5B as a TH42PHW5B in places on their website, sometimes using both model numbers on the same page.

I got my TH42PW5B from them. I was half hoping to get the high res model, but didn't.

I'm still very happy with it :)


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