Are the Jurassic Park movies suitable viewing for a three year old boy?


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My three year old is mad about dinosaurs and I've considered letting him watch the JP movies, but I really think he is still too young and some scenes might give him nightmares. I feel Jurassic Park may definitely be too much for him as there are a few human munching scenes in it, but my recollection of the sequels are a bit hazy. I was thinking JP III might be ok as I remember that maybe being a little less full on then the Spielberg directed two. I'd like your opinions please. Thanks.

On another note, any other good, child friendly, dino related films animated or live action? He's seen Ice Age 3, How to Train Your Dragon, Night At The Museum. Cheers.
They are much to violent and scary and I would never show them to a 3 year old. My godson is 3 now and we watch a lot of films, but there have been Pixar films that he found too intense and we had to switch them off. Jurassic Park 3 is the most like a horror film of the bunch and no more suitable than the rest.

Show him The Land Before Time films instead, that features dinosaurs and is more age appropriate. There also is the Disney CGI film Dinosaur, but that's already PG rated and I'd be in two minds about it. Ice Age and the others you mentioned should be fine.
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Yes I thought that myself. It was my wife who suggested the JP movies! I didn't think it was a good idea.

What about the Walking With Dinosaurs programmes as he likes anything to do with dinosaurs? Thanks.


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I think it would be okay if you skipped the first five minutes, and basically stopped it at the ripples in water cup scene. Past that no. Just no.

Land Before Time. Now that's a movie.


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The "Jurassic Park" films are absolutely NOT suitable for under 7's, and even then, some kids under 10 still find the original extremely distressing to watch. :( So, I'd go with Todd's suggestion, or if your kid is still into dinosaurs and monsters, try some of the early Ray Harryhausen works which are just as enthralling, but far less distressing. (With the exception of "Clash Of The Titans", which is not really suitable for under-12's in my view, due to the quite disturbing nature of some of the monsters!)


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Just thought i would mention that the Land Before Time is on BBC1 this Monday.


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I'd say he's a bit young, but it depends on the individual's level of maturity. You could always warn him that it's got potentially upsetting parts and offer to watch it with him, allowing him the shield of a cushion to hide behind if he thinks it's getting too much. Though I wonder if telling him such things up front will actually engender the feelings that he might not have had, had he not been warned about them in the first place? It's difficult to know what's best. Parenting's such a pain.

I tried not to censor my own daughter when she was growing up and she's 25 now, and not too psychotic, so I must've done something right. She was about 7 when she saw it and I think she enjoyed it greatly. It's odd, in that there's a few years where they seem to be impervious to anything, then they go to school and start getting fears imprinted on them from their peers that they didn't have before.




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I dont know about the JP movies, but I was with my kids and flicked over to look at 'Planet Dinosaur', which I hadn't seen before. My four year old was with me and she found it very distressing, so I had to turn over.

So based on that, no way.

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