Are tension screens worth it?



I got an offer for a motorised 2m x 1.13m Deluxx Tension screen for around 890GBP (1300EUR). What are your opinions on tension screens? Are they worth it? Another thread made me wary when I saw that the guy still had ripples in his screen with tension. It was another brand though. I don't want to have a screen that will have ripples in it after a few months since it will be a permanent fixture to the ceiling. I'm also not sure if I can justify buying a screen for this amount when the projector I plan to buy will be an AE500 for 1095GBP (1600EUR). A fixed frame screen is not an option since it will be in the living room. Any comments?


That's pretty expensive for a 6' tab tensioned screen :eek:

I've no experience of that model/brand but tensioned screens do tend to have few problems (with curling/creasing at least), certainly fewer than cheap(ish) manual screens.

Having said that, I have an Ellie model, maybe 2 years old now. Not tab tensioned & still hangs as flat as a pancake. If Ellie can (or did) make good non tab tensioned electric screens, I can't see why other manufacturers can't do likewise.



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The Ellie screens come out of the same factory in Ital;y that make the screens for Nexnix and Owl. I have an Owl screen and, apart from afew bowing edges, the screen hangs as flat as a sheet of glass. No complaints there.

I actually think £890 is pretty cheap for a tab tensioned screen. Depends on make I guess, but a Stewart would set you back almost £3k.


OK. I'm swaying away from the tab tensioned screen at the moment. Other options are manual pull down screen (2.30m x 1.29) with 54cm black at the top and 1.0 Gain (399EUR) or a motorised screen (2.13m x 1.20m) with 30cm black at the top and 1.2 Gain (839EUR).

I'm nervous about getting a manual one because I have images of it suddenly recoiling in the middle of a movie like one of those cartoon blinds! :) How likely is this to happen? Is a motorised screen worth the extra cash? It's obviously more hassle for me to install since I have no experience doing this sort of thing. But I know people who can ;)


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There alwsy seems to be alittle confusion about what tab tensioned actually does and what it means,

All the tensioning string does down the side, is stop ,or prevent the screen edges from curling, it has no affect on the actual white part of the screen, otherwise for a screen of 8 ft it would have to be rope, the flatness of the screen is controlled by the heavy bar at the bottom, whereas the edges is kept taught by the tab tension string.

I have an 8 ft tab tensioned dual masked screen from ellie, it is a great screen,

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