Are T-Mobile useless?

Burt Macklin

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As a brand new customer to t-mobile I am concerned and angry at the way I have been treated. I ordered a Sony Ericsson C905 online on Monday and was told it would be delivered Tuesday, it then apparantly was returned to t-mobile and would be delivered on Wednesday to say that the phone wasn't in stock and did I want to wait or just cancel the contract, I took the second option and cancelled.

I went into a t-mobile store yesterday and signed a contract for the Nokia N96, I was told that the phone would be activated in 24 hours as the first contract hadn't been cancelled properly. I accepted this, signed the contract and took the phone home with me, I tried several times today to send a text message but to no avail so called up customer services who said it could take up to 72 hours but to just keep trying the phone as it'll activate automatically. I then did this and was able to make a call but not send a text message so I've now called customer services who have told me that what I was told earlier was incorrect and there was no credit check completed at my new address so they would be unable to activate the phone until a credit check had taken place. I've been told to go back to the store tomorrow and they'll be able to do this for me then.

I find this absolutely unacceptable, I am seriously considering cancelling the contract in the 14 day cooling off period and going elsewhere as so far, my experience of t-mobile has been abysmal.



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brown stuff happens thats life.

been with tmobile for ages great service, and excellent tariffs esp for the internet.

nothings perfect and i wouldnt write off a whole company based on one persons experience


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There's no cooling off period if you sign up to a contract in store. They only apply if you buy over the internet or phone.

Jamesie M

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I've renewed my t-mobile contract at expiry twice now and I used to swap every 11months in the olden days when 12month contracts were the norm.

As mentioned, CS is far better than orange, 3 and O2 (now about equal) and the web and walk packages probably opened the whole mobile internet to consumers. Tarrifs are great and I use loads of mms which are included in my flext wnw package.

Only downside is the [email protected] phones...... they need some good phones to tempt me to renew in a few months
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I've never had a problem with T-Mobile, they always do their best to give me the best deal on upgrade time. Every time I've called customer services they are always willing to help.

Been with them now for 5 years and it's the best network I've been on. Came from O2 and always had problems with them, always something going wrong with my bill etc. Couldn't care less attitude when speaking to CS.

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