Are Sony about to replace theY RDRHXD890 & 995


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I ask as I note Play no longer have the 890 in black and Richer Sounds seemed to have dropped their prices and advise only a few left.

Not sure whether to get one now or wait to see if any new models are a significant improvement on the current models.



See this thread.


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I was looking at a Sony 890 in my local Sony Centre this morning with a view to perhaps buying a silver one. However Silver ones are hard to come by unless you buy online. The salesman hinted that its successor was coming out, but did not elaborate.
I hope to try a Sony this time, to complement my Pioneer 560 HDD DVD recorder. At the moment the older of the two Pioneers I have got, is just an analogue one and so I thought I snatch one of these Sony 890s before they disappear but a Silver one is difficult to find.


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When the new range comes out it will be much safer to buy then because no one knows at the moment which is going to be the better range. The existing range of dvd/hdd recorders are pioneer based designs but pioneer have withdrawn from the dvd recorder market and currently the pioneer uk site only lists one model which is in the product archive section (i.e. only available as old stock if you can find it). I think the new Sony range may be samsung based as is many of sony's previous models including non hdd recorders and combi dvdr/vhs units. The new range feature lossless freeview recording which only Samsung models have featured previously. Generally Samsung's are not highly regarded, they are slow to operate and have functionality issues.

What I'm hopeing for is the new Sony range to be uprated Samsungs with faster processors (so less slow in operation) and a decent sony operating system rewritten to make the best of the samsung hardware. If they do this they could be brilliant. However if they are samsung based and don't make much changes all I can suggest is you make sure you get hold of a pioneer based model before they are all gone unless freeview recording quality is paramount to you at the expense of all other features.

Of course I don't know if the new sony's are samsung based its only a guess based on their specification. Its unlikely Sony are going to design a whole new range of dvd recorders from the ground up. The dvd recorder market is declining and its an unlikely investment. Its not like Sony would brand engineer the awful vestel dvd recorders that come out of turkey. That would be a massive betrayal to loyal Sony customers. Samsung are at least reliable, based on good sound electronic engineering and samsung optical and hard drives have an excellent reputation for reliability. Most of the issues of Samsung's are based on a poor operating system and poorly thought out features. They run lovely and cool and my Samsung dvd recorder operates at a measely 26 watts according to my electricity monitor.


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If I were in your position I'd bag a Sony x90 or even a x70 as these are quality machines,that work very well and are manufactured to a high standard internally and externally.
The new models are almost certainly made with a more lightweight plasticy construction as this is the way of the world with mainstream ce products.
The front panel styling looks very nasty to me,and smacks of a big cost-down,as well as looking like a certain Korean brand.:D,but as Bonzo says you'll have to wait to find out for sure.:)


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DVD Recorders are on the decline, they were never really that good with interfaces that are stuck in the 1980's.

The Sony is a good machine but the interface is dull and bland. It's fast but just boring to use - it's not PC as they seem to say a lot lately. It's a pit Apple didn't make DVD Recorders without the advertising.

Sony make excellent DVD Recorders in Japan with the XMB interface and Ethernet, you can even set you timer from another computer on the internet or call it with a mobile phone. They have multiple tuners and HD - it just makes you sick looking at them reminding me of how backward in tech. the UK is and overpriced.

More people are watching their TV online and in HD. It's only a matter of time before you can watch USA shows that contain advertising for each country.


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thanks for all of your replies.
Think I might try and back an 890/995 before they disappear.
We have 2 older Pioneers (430 and 433 but no freeview) and they do enough for us and we have never had any issues


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If you already own a Pioneer recorder then a Sony can make a great companion.
Because the current Sony machines are Pioneer based , partially recorded unfinalised discs, whether vr or video mode, can be swapped from one to the other for further dubbing and editing.
I have an old Pioneer 420H, analogue only tuner, which I use to record from an external Freeview box whilst my Sony RDR HXD890 records mainly from a Sky stb.
I can dub some titles onto a disc from the Pioneer hard drive, take the disc out and dub more titles onto it from the Sony hard drive. The disc can then be finalised on either machine.

I've no idea if this will work the same with all Pioneer models but I suspect it will.
Maybe you can take an unfinalised disc from your machine to a retailer and ask them to put it into a Sony to see what happens (hopefully it won't blow up).

Don't forget, next year (but no one knows exactly when) Freeview HD tuners will replace SD tuners in such machines. It's a question of how long you can wait.
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