Are Royal Mail ripping us off?


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This is mainly aimed at members that do trading on these forums:

I have had 2 items delivered to me this week via 1st class recorded delivery.

So the guys that posted these to me took the option to spend about £1.40 to ensure I got the items as you have to sign for them.

Well to my disbelief both items were sent thru the letterbox without having to sign. As I wasn't in to recieve these I would have thought the postie would have put one of those cards thru instead but no, there layed the items on the floor with the recorded delivery sticker but the part the postie peels off still there.

The items might as well have been sent just 1st class at a lower cost.

Am going to PM the guys that sent me these items to tell them about this as they are paying for something that isn't happening.

Just how disgraceful has the once trusted Royal Mail become!:thumbsdow

Just wanted to let you all know, as far as I am concerned Royal Mail are ripping people off by doing this.:nono:


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This has been my experience on a number of occasions. I always thought that recorded delivery was something it wasn't and now always use first class with proof of postage. In the event an item goes missing then you are insured up to £32 (I think) and this doesn't cost any extra, unlike recorded.

I do think that the majority of the time you are paying something for nothing. I've had occasion where the postman has actually ripped off the recorded sticker from the front of the parcel - I can tell its recorded because of the cost printed on the top right and there was a sender's address sticker on the back - terrible service.

For me, its first class with proof of postage all the way.

In the event of an expensive item being sent, I would use Special Delivery.


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I don't have this problem with my postie.

But i do have a problem with couriers leaving packages in the back garden, and then dropping a note through the door saying where it is.

Our garden is not that secure, and sometimes the contents are worth more than £50.


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Must depend on your postie - there is no way ours will leave a recorded delivery without a signature.


Always happens to me, they shove it through the postbox or leave it on the doorstep. Sometimes they even take the p1ss by writing "I" and "you" on the label so it reads "I signed for you".

When they do this I generally tell the sender to claim a refund as royal fail have no proof it was delivered, therefore they should pay as if it went missing.

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