Are Richer sounds taking the ****?


I just rang up Richer Sounds in Newcastle before to buy a Toshiba SD220E (region free), and told there were none in stock until Friday. Fair enough I thought.

Then he tried to tell me that loads of people were returning them because they wouldnt play the Matrix, or any other movie encoded in a similar fashion. Hmm. Then he told me I'd be better off with a Wharfedale or a Aiwa. Well, he would say that wouldnt he - all I got to say to that is b****cks!

I said "Is it not just a firmware issue" and he said "Yes, but Toshiba insist its alright".

So, how many people have had problems with the Matrix with the SD220E?

It sounds like he's just trying to palm crap off onto me....


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Pulp Fiction and Dinosaur froze on layer changes on mine (I tried 3 different 220s - multi and non-multi region, and multiple copies of the (R2) DVDs). Changed it for a Pionner 656a - no problems so far - but a shame as the 220 is a great player otherwise.


The latest of the SD220s (1.5 revision of the firmware) are apparently fine with branching disks. My friend had one of the earlier 1.3 revision examples and the replacement (from RS) with the newer firmware is absolutely fine. Must get my copy of the Matrix back off him. :mad:


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Rang RS yesterday about the Philips DVD 880, only to be told that RS weren't going to stock these any more due to "manufacturing problems". He then promplty tried to flog me the 890, which I pointed out to him is the same machine just with an i link & an extra record mode & no I didn't buy it. :mad:


As long as you get the Tosh with firmware v1.5 there are no probs playing The Matrix on these players.
Richer did try to palm me off with a v1.3 to start with but immediately replaced it with a v1.5.

All in all a superb DVD player.



Oh well, it their loss. I've decided to buy a Pioneer DV-350 instead, as its cheaper, plays RCE titles, and looks nicer (IMO). I'm mainly using it as a transport anyway.

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