are rears worth it?


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I bought a pair Tannoy eyris 2 fronts and centre speakers for a good price which in my world were fairly exensive, £1500 but i paid £750.
I carried on using left and right rears from my previous setup AE Aegis 2s but i want to sell the full setup so i now need new rears.
The Tannoys to match the front are also half price at about £250 quid but i am having a hard time convincing myself that it is worth spending this amount on rears,that i see as only providing limited sound?
Am i wrong in this assumption?should i just buy a pair for say £100?or buy the Tannoys because they match the front's?
Help i need guidance i think i have scottish/yorkshire blood in my veins i don't like wasting money i need convincing it is worth it.


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chris l.

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Looking at your picture / quality of your set up I would go for matching rears. Same manufacturer / range gives all the speakers in the room the same "sonic footing" for want of a better word.

Whether the sound difference between the pair at £100 and the Tannoys at £250 is worth £150 extra, only your ears can decide.

Though I know I would always wonder what I was missing if I went for a £100.


Chris L.

Ian J

I had a philosophy that as 90% of the sound came from the front three speakers, 90% of the budget should also go in that direction. I had three M&K speakers with an RRP of £1,500 at the front and a Pair of Mission bipoles at the rear that cost £150. To my mind that was a good allocation of a budget of £1650 as I didn't wish to compromise on the front speakers.

It sounded quite good in films but failed dismally playing the Dark Side of the Moon SACD which pumps quite a lot of sound through the rears. Not only was the voice matching quite obviously different but the whole disc sounded so bad that I never played it in multichannel but stuck to vanilla stereo instead.

A few months ago I came across a pair of M&K K4 tripole rears and bought them to replace the Mission rears and what a difference that made. Instead of having a front and rear soundfield as I did before, I now have one all enveloping soundfield instead. The overall quality of the soundfield is noticeably higher as the quality of the rear speakers is better as well as tonally matching but most surprising of all is that Dark Side of The Moon now sounds great in multichannel mode. I always thought that it was bad mastering that put me off multichannel music but all multichannel music sounds so much better now.

If you can afford the decent matching rears - buy them


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I agree with Ian here - rears are vitally important. I sold my M&K rears and have since tried a few others - ultimately like a muppet I ordered another pair of M&K's - havent got them yet so am currently using a set of Kenwoods at the moment - the only thing they are good for is firewood. Decent rears that fit well into your system make good movie sound - dont skimp on them.

On a seperate note - what sub are you using (I see it in your pic but have no idead what it is) ?


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I'd go with matching rears too especially, as Ian says, if you are going anywhere near MC music. Also if they're the Tannoy rears I'm thinking of then they're purposed made for wall mounting and having seen them they look so right on the wall.


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Rags .the sub is a diy job finished it last week it's a 7.2ft^3 box 15"dayton dc driver 250w amp and 2 3.5in adjustsble ports i have been trying to get someone to explain a simple step by step set up.i have had some partial helpful advice but still struggling.
Regarding the rears thanks everybody for your help i will order the Tannoys was just the push i needed

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