Are people really this dumb?


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Ok granted the pressure is on but her answer (can we call it that?) makes her look really bloody thick, thinking about it though it may have been a tough question in such a pressure situation?


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God, these people really are thicker than they seem! :rotfl:

I was always taught, that one of the better ways of getting out of answering a question you don't know the answer to, was to simply either:

1 - turn the question around, and move on to something related, that you CAN talk about, or..

2 - Simply say, I DON'T KNOW, rather than trying to make something up! :rolleyes:

I mean, all that model (in the original Beauty Pageant clip) needed to say, was that American kids need to be better educated! It's not brain surgery... or maybe it is to these particular individuals! :eek:


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