Are people online on PS3 mostly American. like Xbox Live?


I was wondering what PS3 was like in comparison to Xbox Live for where players come from? In my experience, most people on Live are American. In an ideal world I would choose servers from Europe, just as I do with Counterstrike on my pc. This is always more fun, because there is no ping advantage, and I just have more fun with other British players.

What's it like on PS3?


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I would think there would be more US users since the US is huge compared to the UK.
So there's no way of filtering by region?

I remember seeing this on a preview of Warhawk on 1up, but I'm sure I read elsewhere that the feature has since been removed.


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I don't have too many PS3 games myself so I'm not sure how it is overall, but from the looks of things nearly everything is localised. Motorstorm, you can only play with people from EU/Australia. Tekken DR, Mortal Kombat II, Calling All Cars, you can only play against EU players. Home, when it's finally released, will only allow you to interact with EU players as well.
Personally I find this very restrictive, I like playing against Americans, or Asians for that matter and it would add a lot more variety. A few of the games I have I could be searching for 5-10 minutes for a match and still not get one due to there being nearly no one playing. The only possible benefit I can see from localised servers is less lag, but I've experienced much more lag on the PS3 than on the 360, so I've no idea what Sony are playing at.


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So there's no way of filtering by region?

The main online games on PS3 are set up by region, Warhawk, RFOM, COD4. Usually you will play with mostly europeans, although a few american friends come through.

Warhawk, you choose the server you want to join, these are Euro servers. RFOM is matchmaked with central servers, so a lot of the time it will be fellow Euros. COD4 used to be mixed, but the latest patch has stopped EU connecting to US. It is supposed to be rectified.


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I play both Xboxlive and Psn in the day on Xboxlive i end up with quite a few uk players in day yet at night you do get loads americans i even had changed my old ThrottleUK tag as seemed get booted from random rooms as was uk even though had good connection :mad:

I do find on Psn that you dont see much american but do find quite alot of other euro places so get lots of foreign rambling going on which tbh is better than listeding some of the americans at times ! :D ....btw all comments are made based on playing mostly Cod4.
also as mentioned above the latest patch on Cod4 has stopped usa playing Uk my friend was getting game invites from a usa friend and couldnt join the game.


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PSN isn't full of Americans like Live! is, I'd guess that's because about 60% of Xbox sales are in the US/Canada whereas the PS3 has sold far less in that region but has done well in Europe and Japan.


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IMHO.. Live isn't "Full" of Americans.. :) IF you're talking about joining random games, then that depends on what time of day you play and what filter settings you have for your game searches (depending on what the actual game allows you to filter on)

Most of the people on both my XBox Live (70+) and PSN (20+) friends lists are all brits or Europeans.. :)


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I have a US copy of COD4 (bought off a US base in the UK) and the majority of people I've come across are yanks. In fact I've just posted a question to the COD4 game thread asking if this is becasue i have a US copy or some other reason.

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