Are Pansonic and Philips targeting different markets with their DVDR's?


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Having spent a lot of time comparing the low end models from Panasonic and Philips it seems to me they are targeting different markets.

I have disregarded the Philips 880 as I think it is effectively superceded by the similarly priced 890. Therefore the comparison between the 2 brands is E30 vs 890.

The E30 is an excellent VCR replacment for people who want to timeshift their TV, however it is not so good for people like me who want to archive their DV home video as it does not have a input. The 890 lacks the timeshifting feature but does have Copies via S-video input might be good enough when viewed on today's small screens, but may not be so good in the future when I expect to have a much larger screen.

I have a Tivo so timeshifting capability is not of such great interest to me, and therefore am reluctant to pay for a feature (great though it is) that I do not need. This is why I am now more inclined to the Philips 890 as it is both within my budget (£500) and supports To get this feature on a Panasonic I would have to pay £800 (vs £450 for the 890) to get the HS2. That would be the perfect combination for me, but is too expensive and will probably remain so for a year or more.

This all begs the question, why are people buying DVDR's, especially those at the lower end? If its for DV home videos then Philips may win the format "war". If its for TV timeshifting then Panasonic will have the edge, but if timeshifting is the main reason there are better ways of achieving this, ie Tivo.

Just thinking aloud, but I would be interested in any other views.


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I got the E30 as a replacement for my VHS but also to archive a lot of my old VHS tapes. It does this very well and I was pleasantly surprised at the picture quality achieved when doing this. Never really looked at Tivo as an option as I don't need any more subs to pay;) and while it may be better as a time shifter, it's not so good if you decide to keep a program that has been recorded on it. I can do this easily using the DVD Ram disc and my PC.

I use the PC for DV as it is much more flexible for editing.

Can't really comment on the Philips models as I have never used one but from reading various threads here and on other sites they appear to be equally as good for archiving material.

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