Are Panasonic really getting out of the Plasma business this time?


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Exact;y why i moved and got mine ASAP. I was going to wait for xmas or the new year but with the rumour 2/3 weeks ago i just could not risk not being able to get hold of this TV.

Yes you "may" get it slightly cheaper if you hold your nerve but the question you should ask is 'will you kick yourself if they run out of stock"


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I have done the same and brought a 55VT65 today. Rather be safe than sorry.


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Folks, if you had a choice between Panasonic's 5 year warranty and Richer Sounds' 5 year warranty all at the same price, which would you go for? I'm guessing Panasonic?


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Panasonics warranty is like for like for the 5 years. So if your Plasma dies in 4 1/2 years time and it cannot be repaired your entitled to a NEW TV to the value of the original purchase price. Richer Sounds (and others in JL) IIRC has a depreciation scale throught the policy.


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Plasma TV have inherent engineering issues, when they go wrong it is a massive grief.The fault is often seen to be within spec? Very poor support service as been documented.
With an LED, any fault with screen is changed.No buts!

Typical Plasma issues:-
Image retention and excessive line bleed
Vertical lines on the right hand side of screen for example
Dynamic false contouring

GT50/30 the worth of the lot and earlier year models.
So I do not mind the Panasonic plasma sets going extinct, they are not fit for heavy home use and user end up worrying about it and venting their spleen. Throwing good money after bad


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I'm actually starting to consider just sticking with my Samsung LCD for now, and waiting for OLED 4K to get to the £1-1.5k price level; I don't think it will take much longer than a year or so for that to happen, or so I hope anyway.


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get yourself a projector, then you wont be so critical of your tv, i love the picture of quality of panasonic plasmas but im over tv's, projection is where its at for serious viewing.
ive spent thousands over the years on tv's when really a projector would have been money better spent.
im happy to have a nice quality led for casual viewing now.

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