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Firstly If you are going to read this get a beer and some crisps first...

This is an email sent by me to Pana re problems with my PTAE700 and because of the incompetance and lack of support I vowed never to buy Pana again....hopefully they have got better, but you may find this of interest.

Are we comfy, if so I will begin.....:D

I am writing this to complain and explain what I have been through since my purchase of my Panasonic PT AE 700 LCD projector. In October 2004 after looking at reviews and sitting in a few demonstrationsI bought a Panasonic PT AE 700 LCD Projector to replace my Toshiba ET1 it was the best machine I had seen (LCD) regarding screen door effect as I dofind it very annoying as I find my eyes drawn to it. My original setup was to use the projector with a Yamaha DVD520 feedingthrough component connections in progressive scan mode but I felt that thepicture was a tad fuzzy and in December as a Christmas present from my wife this was upgraded to a Denon 1910 with its DVI connection. The result was a superb picture but I had problems with white flashes during films andproblems with interlacing. I contacted Practical Hi fi and they looked into it for me, stating thatafter discussions with Panasonic it would not be a problem with theprojector, this dragged on until May 2004 when the consensus of opinion was that my DVD player as it was not powerful enough to drive the projector athigh resolutions so on the recommendation of Practical Hi Fi I bought aDenon 2910 with HDMI connection thinking that this would solve my problems, did it, no!.same problems and now with a very diminished bank account. Getting truly fed up I contacted Panasonic and finally spoke to an engineer who informed me that the problem was that the projector required a firmware upgrade to 1.07 (took them long enough), so I contacted the service centre(Martin Dawes in Warrington) and arranged for them to carry out the upgrade in my home on the Saturday, 30 mins before they were due to arrive Ireceived a phone call from the to tell me that they could not carry out the upgrade in my home and would have to take my unit into the workshop and itwould be returned on the Tuesday. Tuesday arrived and I received a phonecall from Martin Dawes to inform me that they did not have the necessarylead and that it was on back order from Panasonic and what did I want to do leave the projector with them of have it returned. I opted to have theprojector returned and it was agreed they would ring me when the leadarrived. A week later no call, rang the service manager he wasunavailable,left him messages to ring me back, no call, rang again a few days latersameanswer,. this went on over three weeks until my patience ran out I thenrangPractical Hi Fi asking for either a new machine or a refund. It was agreed that a new machine they had in stock would be sent toPanasonic for the firmware upgrade and then we could exchange machines. Two weeks later my new upgraded machine was ready for collection, on pick upthebox looked a bit tatty (but you know what delivery drivers are like) but on opening the box my suspicions grew even more as the unit was scratched andthe hand book had been well thumbed through on checking the unit it hadbeenused for 64 hrs. To say I hit the roof is a slight understatement, ittranspired that the unit I had been given was an ex demo unit that had been sealed in a box with no markings to say it was used. Another machine was ordered to come direct from Panasonic (at last aresult)the machine arrived and good picture, no flashes can’t use 1080 resolutionas Panasonic claim you can (but I understand why and can live with that)butthe problem now is the worst vertical banding/screendoor effect of any ofthe projectors I have had so far, its as though I am projecting ontoploughed wallpaper on lighter scenes (I know there are limitations to LCDtechnology but this is not good). I rang Practical Hi fi who said theywouldlook into it for me (fine) and also I rang Panasonics customer service,theywere rude and I have never been so fobbed off in my life and the attitudeofthe engineer I spoke to attitude was “tuff it’s a limitation of LCDtechnology”, this is not the service or attitude I expect from aprofessional company as Panasonic. Well that’s where I am up to.. not a happy chap, don’t get me wrongPractical Hi Fi (Bolton) have been excellent and tried to sort out myproblem to the best of their ability, apart from one hiccup on their partthe problem has been with Panasonic. Now what do I want? A new projector that’s works as it should do, compatible with my DVD player and with minimal if not zero screen door effect as the PT AE700 isadvertised to do I look forward to your reply and hope to get this issue resolved in thenearfuture. Regards John Ratcliffe

Reply from Panasonic


Dear Mr Ratcliffe,

Thank you for your email enquiry. I am sorry to hear of the circumstances which have prompted you to write,and can appreciate your concern. However, I would explain that Panasonic is not able to accede to yourrequest for an exchange unit. Your terms of sale lie with your retailer,and therefore any decision regarding an exchange would be for PracticalHi-Fi to make. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee that a Panasonic unit will becompatible with a unit from another manufacturer, however we are not awareof any compatibility problems between Panasonic and Denon units. Regrettably, vertical banding will appear on some images due to thelimitation on the technology used within the unit and the way the CCD hasbeen manufactured within the unit. You may wish to have your unit inspectedby a service centre, however please be aware that if this is found to bewithin specification you will be charged for the inspection, which wouldnot be refunded by Panasonic. I trust that this information has been of assistance to you. However, ofcourse, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate tocontact us on 08705 357357 or [email protected] and we willendeavour to assist. Regards,Customer Support

Hope you are still awake



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Look up The "Electronic Sales of Goods Act 1979"

It basicly states that you must be satisfied that you have recieve value for money for you're electronic purchase's,

Then take it back to the shop, or even better write to them (writing lets them know you mean buisness and are more then willing to take the time to nail the buggers to the wall if they dont help you out) for you're money back or an exchange.

If they dont comply take it further. They wont win.

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