Are older speaker sets like the mordaunt short genie or KEF 2005 etc still worth it today?

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Hi all,

The title says it all really. It's been years since I've upgraded my home cinema set up. I'm currently still rocking some KEF 2005's and love them (thought they subjectively haven't aged well in the looks department).

The other day I started thinking about whether it's time for a change... however, looking round, I'm struggling to see if anything really has changed / justifies the upgrade. How much can speaker technology really change? If I upgraded to something around the £800 mark today (like the Focal Sib Evo's for example) - would I really see an improvement? I'm still confined by size, so I'm stuck with satellite speakers..

Interestingly one of my friends has offered to sell me their set of M-S Genies, which I'm very tempted with for a couple of quid. They're switching their set up for a Sonos soundbar and a couple of smaller sonos speakers as satellites.. which amazes me, as I never imagined that set up could out perform the M-S Genies and a good amp.

Interested in the thoughts of the fourm! What makes you upgrade? is there a point where speakers like the KEF's 2005 and the M-S Genie's need to be retired to the attic or eBay?



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If they are working perfectly and still sound good then why upgrade them. I'm still using really old Celestion's as my effects speakers and they do the job nicely, you could always keep the smaller KEF's for surround effects and upgrade just the main front pair and center which is what I have done.


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The main thing you have to watch out for is the subwoofers as the Kef's had issues as for the Genie's. I cannot actually remember them having any issues with the woofer. But as they're both active, you just add another subwoofer from another manufacturer. Just check the ability of the woofer you are replacing and look to get one that offers something better and your done :smashin:


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Technology hasn't changed much however your speakers are satellite/bookself speakers and have their own compromises and short comings.

You could re-use them as Atmos heights? Or use in bedroom or workshop, and get bigger speakers for the main system.


The kef 2005 was a £799 set back in the day, accounting for inflation, you'd need to spend a lot more for a significant upgrade. I doubt the Focal evos will be a big upgrade.

Newer doesn't mean better.

Take the Cambridge Audio Minx 22 5.1 package for example... now, my Celestion Kef egg equivalent sound superior especially at the end of a good amp/avr.

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'I'm struggling to see if anything really has changed / justifies the upgrade' - if you believe the marketing you can get a £50 Soundbar which supports HD and Immersive audio and blows your socks off :)

As others highlight you can upgrade on the KHT-2005, as you could when you purchased them, but unlikely at your indicated budget.

Looks wise the biggest hassle with some KHT systems was the 'Nextel' like finish on Matt Black units became a sticky mess - KHT Kef 2005.2 matt black

Alternatively you can strip the speakers down and have the steel clam resprayed a new colour if you want to 'freshen up' the look.

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Unfortunately you're going to get general public thinking hdmi Atmos soundbar is better than "low channel count" Kef reference 4 stereo system is old and rubbish.

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