Are older 600-604 b&w speakers good? Any experience?

Hi, im from the netherlands/germany and would love to have a b&w surround set for a projector movie and music setup.

I want to know if the following are a good purchase for a home cinema set. The 600 series, 601, 602, 603 and 604, and then s1 s2 and s3.

What differences do these have and which ones are a good purchase? There doesnt seem to be too much info on the web, but these float around on our ebay-like site quite a lot! Budget is around 600 euro for 5 speakers. Already have a woofer. Can i mix the speakers (in sets of two) are they similar in sound? As for receiver i bought the denon avr-x2300. Thanks!


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No idea about the differences which each generation added. I had the 601 S3 with matching center channel about 20years ago.

Try at least to buy same gen front mains and center channel. So example 601 S3 and LCR600 S3. The surround channels can be cheaper. These old models are often quite overpriced what i have seen.

Personally i would buy something newer and build the system up slowly. Start with 2.1 and then 3.1 etc.


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I'm a long time B&W owner and know a bit about the 600 S3 series as I still own (and very much enjoy) a pair of DM603 S3 towers and a LCR600 S3 centre speaker. The use of two 6.5" drivers in a 2.5-way design in the LCR600 IMO made it a particularly effective centre speaker in a large room and I still really like it.

The 600 S3 series ended production around 2006/7 and were the last 600 series to be made at B&W's Worthing factory in England so their build quality is superb. I know many dealers at the time thought the next generation were a step backwards, although the 685 did become a best-seller in its class.

I also own later generation 600 series models including 685, 686, HTM61, 606, 607 and HTM6 speakers. To me the main improvement over the older 600 S3 models has been progressive improvements with the tweeters. The high end has more definition and clarity but this can also lead to them sounding overly bright in the wrong room.
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