Are my Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds faulty?


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Hello all,

I've just received a new pair of Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless First Gen earbuds and can't get them to work. I've followed the instructions, fully charged the case with earbuds in them, pressed for 5 seconds to activate them and tried to pair but no joy.

I've noticed that the left one does go through the red light blue light stage on occasion, maybe one in ten tries, but my phone still can't pair with it. The right bud has no light whatsoever, not even red when activating. Should this light up as well? Also, if I take them our of the case after a full charge, tap the buttons a few times and put them back in the case, the battery status turns to amber. Should they drop to amber that quickly? Or do you think there's a charging problem?

Any advice?




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Are you pressing both pieces for five seconds at the same time?

See video, which mirrors the written Sennheiser manual online 😎



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Yeah, I've gone through the steps multiple times. Still not syncing. I'm not hearing any messages and am concerned that the right earbud has no lights whatsoever. I'm trying to get confirmation that there should be a light on that one as well.


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I've had mine a while now worked right out of the box..just took mine out of the case each has a lit red light on .when put into ear you hear connected.. sounds like they may be faulty cos the setup is very simple with s21 ultra. Hope you get it sorted..

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