are movietyme any good


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hi please can any one let me know

are movietyme any good

or what is the best supplier for usa version dvd's

from pete


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I would reccomend or for R1 dvd' my opinion i would not use movietyme


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Originally posted by pete18

or what is the best supplier for usa version dvd's

Do you mean R1 disks, or American R1 disks as opposed to Canadian R1 disks (which are typically identical apart from a some French writing on the case)



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I have made two purchases from Movietyme.

The first arrived only a few days after I received the despatch email. The second was despatched a week ago and has yet to arrive.

I will probably not use them again, not because I have any complaints, but because I have read of others on this forum experiencing trouble getting missing DVDs replaced.


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I used them once.

They sent me the wrong disk and it took about 3 weeks to get it refunded.

Maybe I was just unlucky.

Although I've always found disks cheaper elsewhere according to Price Checker which I always use before purchasing.



I wanted to get Premutos from them as they were the only UK retailer I found that had it. Also I think I read that delivery to Ireland is free. But when the search found the dvd I couldn't click on it to see the contents or the region or any details, so that made me very wary.

I'm still unsure if I'll get it from them.


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They sent me The Haunting DTS (Chapter 17 I salute you) for around £10, waited approx 3 weeks..I've got no complaints.

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