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Are Monitor Audio RS6AV speakers too big for my 3.7x4.5 mtr AV room?Opinions please.


Active Member
Hello and pleased to meet you all.

I'm trying to decide on a range of speakers for my dedicated Av room.I'd really like floorstanders as Sub/Sat packages just don't do it for me.They will be predominantly for H.C(80% of the time)and occasionally for listening to dance music,(coming from Technics Sl1200 turntables and a Pioneer mixer.)I generally like to listen at louder volumes,and hate wooly bass in music or incoherent dialogue in films.

My room is 3.7mtr wide and 4.5mtr long,but that's measured into a box bay window,(which is where I'll situate my decks,and I plan to hide them behind a black out screen when watching movies)So with the black out screen down the room will be more like 3.7 wide by 4mtr long.

Currently I'm thinking either Monitor Audio BR5AV,RS6Av or perhaps the Radius range.Do you think the RS6AV would be overkill?

(I'm thinking of partnering them with Denon(2930 dvd/----- 2307or2807amp)or possibly Arcam(av250/dv137).

Many thanks

Dr Force

Distinguished Member
Hello Ian and welcome to the forums.

This sort of thing is difficult to judge but given a room that size I would consider the Radius range.

Having heard them at a recent demo I would say these would be more than enough, getting deeper bass can be got through different types of the radius range namely 180,225,270 with the 720 sub.

Your room sounds about the same size of the demo room I whent into and it was plenty loud enough.

Floorstanders are always going to carry more weight to the sound but positioning them is important so as not to get a boomy sound.

Try a demo of both and see which you like:thumbsup:


tahoe joe

Ian, in my opinion, the answer to your question is yes, the rs6's would be overkill in a room that size. I have the rs6's myself, in a room twice that size with high ceilings, and there are times where it's (almost) overkill for me. They need room to breathe, so to speak. I think the br5's or the radius will be plenty, and will take up less space...

Neil Hawkes

Active Member
My room is smaller than what you've quoted and the set-up I have is perfect, (for me)!


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I've got RS6 in a room only slightly larger, 5 x 3.75

They are really great with two provisos

1 They need a lot of running in. 100 hours before they sound as they should

2 They do need space. If you need them up against the wall you may be disappointed. Mine have at least 2 ft space all round

I'm really well happy with mine though, and can thoroughly recommend them

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