Are hi-fi speakers/amp good for TV?

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Lots of misinformation out in the wild :)

SONOS has had the option to be a stand alone Streamer since day one where you could use a single ZP90 (which you can still pickup for very little money) with your existing HiFi or Surround Sound system or you can combine any number and variations of the SONOS devices to suit multiple zones.

Since day one SONOS has been way ahead of the pack when it comes to using the system - the control App has always been the standard other manufacturers strive to emulate.

There are great low cost 'DIY' streamer options if you have the time and knowledge to combine low cost hardware with bits of PC software and for the folk who want a 'high end' streamer you can send thousands of £££ at folk such as LINN, Lyngdorf, NAIM, Moon etc (just a random selection) plenty ways to spend your money on higher end streaming.

Worth a read through some of these threads - Music Streamers



Interesting. I really prefer decoupling the speaker from the streamer (hence being sad the Chromecast Audio got discontinued)

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