Are HDMI 1.2 leads incompatible with old tech?


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Hi, I have just purchased a two way HDMI switch. The lead going from the LG OLED TV to the switch is a HDMI 1.2 the two leads from the switch lead to my Amazon Fire TV Cube and a Humax PVR.
Now my Humax PVR is not outputting any sound, the tv picture/signal is fine.
The sound is set to come out of my tv speakers, and I’ve made sure the sound isn’t on mute etc.
I was wondering whether the HDMI 1.2 lead has anything to do with it, as the Humax is a fairly old piece of kit?
I know I could just connect the Humax directly to the tv with a bog standard HDMI lead,to check, but I thought I would ask for advice on here before having to struggle pulling it out of my cabinet and having to root for a long lead.
Also my Fire TV Cube picture blanks out for a second or two, every few minutes.
Thanks for any advice given.


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There's no such thing as an HDMI 1.2 cable. Only Standard, High Speed, Premium and Ultra. It is likely the switch is causing the problems, unless the cable is faulty, which is always possible.

For any sources up to 1080p and with lengths of less than about 3m, a Standard cable is fine. I would look for other reasons for your problem, such as the switch or just system settings.

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As noiseboy72 says very unlikely this is a cable issue.

Switch - which unit have you installed?

Humax - ensure the audio Output is set to 2.0, normal or PCM and not 5.1.

FireTV - try settings it’s video Output to a lower resolution and see if that resolves the issue.


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