Are HD Upscaling DVD Players all they are cracked up to be?


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Now with a scarce amount of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players and movies to buy, as well as expensive prices, I may opt for a upscaling DVD player.

Now do these really show a brilliant picture, is it worth it to buy one? Ive seen cheap ones around £100 and expensive ones at about £400, whats the best value player?

Thanks in advanced for the help:thumbsup:


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Upscaling DVD players are 95% MArketing man BS mate. most people find a good none upscaler gives a better pic as all Plasma, LCD, Projectors (DLP/LCD etc) all fixed pixel devices have scalers built in anyway. What display have you got?

Nic Rhodes

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That will do all the upscaling you need. HD DVD are in a different class and have resolutions well above what that tv is capable of.

av addict

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no m8 i myself have panasonic s97 upscaling dvd player and between hdmi
and component connection -component wins because my pv500 does the


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I would have to agree that upscaling is a waste of time. I have a Denon 2910 and find its best HDMI picture is non-upscaled 480p/576p. 720p and 1080i introduce unwanted artifacts.

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