are hardware alarms important to you?

do you find it useful to schedule your phone turn on or off?

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hardware alarm means the alarm makes the phone turn on - do you need that, or not?

advantages of hardware alarms:

- reliability: phone can operate even when turned off
- automatic turn off and on

disadvantages of hardware alarms:

- user control
- power cycles shorten battery life


hardware alarms allow your phone's alarm to work even when the phone is turned off. This makes your phone so much more reliable. Imagine you had a very bad and stressful day. Your battery is very low and eventually, completely shuts down at 3 in the morning while you are asleep. With hardware alarms the phone still has enough power to turn on at 6am and wake you up. Certainly not good for your battery life but very good for your personal life. Without hardware alarms the morning after starts even worse than the day before ended.

hardware alarms also allow you to schedule your phone for switching on and off. While turned off the power consumption of your phone is very low. Also, there is no electrosmog when shut down. Your phone constantly sends a ping signal to the network even on idle, day and night. Maybe you have a time window where you do not need your phone to be turned on.

The disadvantage of hardware alarms is that it provides more control for the user over their phone. This can cause counter-intuitive behaviour. Your phone consumes a lot more energy to turn off and on than it does on idle. On average, instead of saving power by switching it off over night you can end up consuming more power. This practice also shortens your battery life for the same reason.

Android OS provides support for hardware alarms. You don't have to use them if you don't need them. However, if you want to use them many devices do not even have any.
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I will let a second topic on the exact same subject matter pass, but a third will be deleted.

This is an example of thinking in niche technical terms. The audience is lost if they have to read a long definition. It is easier to communicate in more literal and friendly language

"Alarm makes the phone turn on",

Seems a common enough behaviour on some phones from Google results.

Not that I care to rush and test whether my handset does this


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I never turn my phone off, the only time it restarts is for an Android update.

If I've been out for a long night and drained my battery, I will either be home or back in the hotel where there's a nice power plug that will let me restart my phone. I've never had a problem setting an alarm to wake me up after a night out :) I'm also not convinced that any phone with a drained battery would have enough power to restart properly with a 'hardware alarm' - if my battery is drained, it's lucky if it stays on for 5-10 seconds before turning off. Certainly not enough to do anything meaningful in that time.


I honestly can’t remember a time where my phone has died during the night and not allowed my alarm to wake me up for work. I always charge in the evening before bed so no chance of it ever happening.

Also I believe if a phone is turned off manually with plenty of battery left, alarms still go off? Haven’t tried it but I think they do
completely pointless, those that find themselves at low battery at night often just plug it in, its like brushing your teeth you just do it.
I don’t have a reason to switch my phone off ever. So no need for an alarm that will power it up either. Mine just goes into silent mode, with exception for VIP callers after 10pm until 7am so I don’t get unnecessarily disturbed during the night.

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