Are freeview boxes compatible with Sky Freesat?


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My mother doesn't have any facility to pause or record TV programmes. I'd like to get her a freeview box for Xmas that records and/or pauses live TV. My questions are:
Can you pause live TV with a freeview box (not contracted to Virgin, Sky, etc)?
Can you record from freeview boxes (not contracted to Virgin, Sky, etc)?
Would such a freeview box be compatible with Sky freesat (she has a satellite dish and can receive freeview via her TV - though reception poor on latter)?

I don't want to waste my money or get her hopes up by buying something that won't be compatible.

Many thanks



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Yes Freeview boxes can do all you ask but they can only work using an aerial and you say reception is poor. Why not connect a Freesat+ box to her dish ?

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