Are Expensive HDMI Cables Worth it?


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Thats old news I'm afraid , and the sticky in this forum has equivalent stories from the day the interface started.

I take issue with this part of that article,

We've always been sceptical about the benefits of more expensive cables, but the problem was always proving it in a scientific, repeatable way that removes any argument. Now, we've found the way to do that and can once and for all prove beyond a doubt if expensive cables make any difference.

From its very inception it has always been known that incremental sound and picture differences due to HDMI cable is impossible.
It always has been impossible , it has always been clearly laid out the publicly available specs , and there has never been a problem proving it.
The required tektronix rigs have been around to prove that from day one.

The only people saying otherwise have been cable sellers , sowing the doubt and then selling the ridiculously overpriced "solutions".
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For short cables they probably are all much of a muchness. :)

I'm finally getting my 1999 JVC widescreen replaced soon so I need at least an eight metre HDMI cable. I made the mistake of buying a cheapish 10 metre cable for my projector in the back lounge a couple of years ago and it didn't work very well at all.

Eventually found a reasonably priced 8 metre QED basic cable in Tesco which was juuuust long enough and that is fine.
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