Are DVD players the worst investment?

I was just musing on what my next upgrade would be and it seems that replacing the Pio 656 would be appropriate as a next step. Looking around, I like the look of the Denon DVD-A11 very much but the £1500 price is off putting. It got me to thinking. I have just bought a 2800 in mint condition for £120, original cost £750! There is a Sony9000 in the classifieds for £500, original cost £1300!

So, why should I buy the A11 now when I will be able to pick up a mint example in 12 months time for £500?

I wonder if anything else loses money like DVD players. I don't think amps do, maybe TV's and PJ's I guess. HAving said that I just bought a Sony 930 amp for £90 and it was £600 new.

Forget I said anything.

What it does mean is that those on a budget can get yesterdays state of the art for todays budget gear prices. Which is nice.


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Denon 3802 amp, new it was what, £700? Sells for £250 to £300 now?

Arcam FMJ A22 + P25.3, new cost £1200 & £900 (ish), sold for £700 and £450 IIRC.

Nothing in this game is ever going to make money! :)

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