Are DVB-T2 tuners the same "type" as DVB-T?


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I know Win 7 Media Center will, as standard, only allow up to four of each "type" of tuner. I already have four DVB-T's, and intend to add a twin-tuner DVB-T2 card ready for the HD channels arriving next year (yes, we're years behind down south).

My question is - will I then have 4 of one type and 2 of another OR will I have 6 of one type?

If the answer is 6 then I know I'll need Tuner Salad (or hopefully a free alternative if anyone knows of one). It was just a reg hack on XP to defeat the 2 tuner limit, so hopefully there's a similar procedure somewhere (currently googling).


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My question is - will I then have 4 of one type and 2 of another OR will I have 6 of one type?

I suspect it will see 6 of the same type, but my experience with Win7MC is limited, so someone else might give you a definitive response.

If the answer is 6 then I know I'll need Tuner Salad (or hopefully a free alternative if anyone knows of one)
Using MediaPortal might be a good alternative here. I am not sure if the same tuner limit exists with MediaPortal, but even if it does you will not need that many tuners. MediaPortal will watch/record ALL the channels from a single Mux simultaneously (Win7MC will only record a single channel per tuner). Therefore, since all the HD channels are usually on the same Mux with DVB-T2, you only actually need one tuner DVB-T2 tuner to record all the channels simultaneously, leaving 3 other tuners to record anything and everything from 3 other muxes. You are only limited by your motherboard data bandwidth / storage space!


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robbo100 said:
Using MediaPortal might be a good alternative here.

I understand what you're saying about getting the whole mux at a time from one tuner. However, I'm well entrenched into Media Center. I have an extender in the bedroom that would cease to work if MC didn't have access to the tuners and recorded TV.

I suspect the answer is that it would see DVB-T and DVB-T2 tuners as the same type. I just wanted to know whether anyone with experience of trying it knew whether it was the case.

I can't (yet) find any info on how to do what Tuner Salad does without paying $5. Presumably it's something fairly simple. I'll carry on looking and will post anything I find out. Does anyone know how to hack it? It seems that everyone gave up trying to find out while Tuner Salad was free, but it isn't any more.


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It sees them as the same type. Confirmed with a BGT3650 DVB-T2 and a 7010ix DVB-t tuner. Only 4 tuners can be selected, and 2 are unconfigured.


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I've googled the heck out of trying to find out how to manually do the same job as Tuner Salad, as I'm a tightwad and didn't want to spend $5!

I've found people on forums mentioning that it can be done, but couldn't find a description of how.

As Tuner Salad was free for a long time, nobody bothered working out how to do it otherwise. Presumably most of those interested now have it sorted.

Personally, I'll give up and buy Tuner Salad. If anyone else works out a manual way of doing the same then please tell everyone here!


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Apparently the registry changes of the old MCE don't apply to W7.

I've got a similar problem where W7 MCE grabs my DVB-T tuner first instead of DVB-T2 so I can't get my HD channels.


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That sounds like a different problem, but one I'm also likely to have. Am I right in thinking that MC uses just one of the tuners for the channel scan, so if it isn't a T2 one then it won't see the HD channels?

I wonder how MC decides which tuner to use for the scan, and whether it's possible to dictate which one to use and/or somehow disable the T tuners before the scan, then re-enable them after (without re-scanning for channels).

Unfortunately all this is academic to me, as we don't get HD until March, which is why I'm getting ready for it. I'm keeping my four existing T tuners and adding two T2 ones. Then I'll fiddle with all the channel settings so the T tuners are prioritised for non-HD, and the T2 ones will be for HD, or non-HD where more than four channels are being recorded at once.


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It doesn't seem to apply to other hardware, I can't get my TBS 6280 to work with a Haupauge Nova T 500.

Why not? What's it (not) doing? I also have a Nova-T-500, so also need it to work with a TBS6280 after I buy one.

Just a thought, if you haven't already tried it... Use hcwclear from the Hauppauge installer (CD or download) to clear out the Haupauge software completely after removing the card. Then install the TBS6280, do channel scan, then install Hauppauge card and scan again.

The hcwclear step is a precaution. I'm wondering whether you need to scan with just the T2 card to get MC to re-index its tuners and see the T2 one as the first. Perhaps it's even worth attempting a scan (or at least running MC) with no tuners so that it knows it's starting from scratch when it later sees the T2 one.

This is all theorising/guessing from me, but here goes anyway... If the T card is tuners 1 and 2, and the T2 one is 3 and 4, then removing the T one may leave the T2 one as 3 and 4. When the T card returns it can then pop back into 1 and 2, so take back the priority for the channel scan. If you run MC with no tuners then perhaps it resets the tuner numbers.

You can also reset MC - I forget how it's done, but worth a go, after removing the tuners.

I'm very interested in hearing how you get on with this.

If you lose patience then just sell me your TBS6280 for a bargain price!
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Hi guys,

you may want to consider installing dvblogic's tvsource, this will allow you to have all your tuners in play, and you can manually scan each tuner individually, and then copy the details from one tuner to others of the same type. So you can manually scan the dvb-t channels on the one tuner, and the dvb-t2 channels on the other tuner, and merge them... Unfortunately it costs about £15 or so. You can trial it for 20 days to see if it works ok.



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Interesting post, thank you, I will keep that in mind, I have entered a dialogue with TBS over the 6280 just now.

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