Are Denon planning to brink out an Amp with i-link?


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I am looking to buy an amp soon and am interested in the Pioneer Ax5 due to it's i-link capability.

However, I have always preferred Denon kit. Does anyone know when a Denon amp will be available with i-link connections for a similar price to the Pioneer?


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I think the 3805 has firewire/i-link on it. Will be about the same price range as the pioneer and will have all the new formats on it as well. Will be a very interesting comparison :D


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The Denon 3805 doesn´t have i-link, it has Denon link that supposedly will support SACD and DVD-Audio. The news bit on homecinemachoice about it having i-link was wrong.

You can see the specs at


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Its the only reason Denon are reluctant to do I-link, because there own solution is better. its the same kind of theory as i-link
but it delivers a superior sound.

Ill try to dig out the info, if i can remember where i saw it.
But i think it was a disscussion involving Kris Deerings and Gordan Mcgregor. and they both conceded it best to go with D-link
over I-link. and in some case its still better to go analog rather than i-link if the Dacs in the dvd player are better(for SACD and DVD-A)

Yikes post 666

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Well im sure a specification that is different to I Link will put them at a disadvantage, I link is a standard that is non proprietary. Compatibility issues between DVD/CD players between manufactures can only be construed as bad business for the consumer, remember betmax?


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i think thats why the A11 features both, Denon new this product was going to appeal to alot more people than just denon fans.

Most of the leading manufactures have there own sort of link method, NAD has there NAD link which is via an RCA connection
and there others.

I would realy like to see CD players with an I-link output, but that dosent seem to be happening(at least not from what ive seen)

BAD Dave

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Originally posted by gandley
Denon are reluctant to do I-link, because there own solution is better. its the same kind of theory as i-link
but it delivers a superior sound.

best to go with D-link
over I-link. and in some case its still better to go analog rather than i-link if the Dacs in the dvd player are better(for SACD and DVD-A)

Does Denon link pass multichannel audio to the amp in a single wire connection?
How thick is the wire?
Does it also pass video, like HDMI?
Is it better/worse than HDMI, quality wise?

So many questions! Sorry!

I was waiting for HDMI, version 2 (multichannel audio + video) for it's simplicity and quality. Now it seems thare are viable alternatives.


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Denon link passes multi channel DVD-a at present, SACD is to follow soon.

the cable is very thin, about the same as an i-link cable.

Like i-link this is an audio only solution. only HDMI will pass video
at present for most av equipment.

theres little point for HDMI second generation till all amps feature
HDmI inputs with video pass through.

Only DVD players realy need to pass video and multi channel

BAD Dave

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Thanks Gandley, I am much the wiser now!


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Dear Gandley

How have you got your Denon A11 connected to your AX10i? Denon link or I link? is there an audible difference?

I`ve got pioneer AX10i and was waiting for pioneer 868is DVD player but if A11 is better sound may buy that?


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He's actually got it connected by neither, as the ilink on the A11 still needs fixing by Denon (though that process is underway and should be sorted in a firmware update soon), and the only amps with Denon link inputs are Denons..


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And my fingers never moved, its mind power, i made him type it!!

thanks arsenal, and he is right.

However i have had access to the 868i and the difference over i-link to coax digital, is not that great.

the only real benefit to i-link is the ability to pass copy protected SACD and DVD-A in multi channel via a digital connection.

for an ordinary CD i bet youll be hard pressed to tell the difference


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Thanks to the both of you!

Out of two then 868 and A11, I guess you think the A11 wins by the fact you bought one, but is it worth the extra money? Better check with Arsenal first! (Great football side though!)


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Personaly once the firmware fixes are applied to allow i-link etc, then ill be 100% happy.

Having compared my a11 with an 868, to me it was cash well spent.

Also if you look hard enough you can get the A11 for as low as £1350.

so yeah im glad i went with the A11


Hi I’ve been looking around and downloaded several documents i link on Pioneer and Yamaha products seems fully compatible with Both DVD-Audio and SACD.
Denonlink in the actual owner’s instruction manual for the AVR3805 says it works with DVD audio but doesn’t mention SACD.
Now if you look on the new DENON universal DVD players from the USA they have both Denonlink and i-link connectors if you look in the instruction for the DVD it once again mentions DVD audio via Denonlink but not SACD but it does mention DVD audio and SACD via i-link
After further research I found this

In the SACD 1.3 specification (Scarlet Book), an allowable
digital interface must use 5C/DTCP. Since 1394
is the only current interface that employs 5C/DTCP, it
can be said that 1394 is the only allowable digital
interface for SACD.

i-link is a trademarked name by SONY for the 1394 connector invented by apple
SACD is a SONY invention .so it maybe Sony wont let SACD via Denonlink or at least are making it very difficult for Denon .Is this why Denon are bringing out DVD players with both types of connection?I think this might be the case .
Denonlink may be better technically in some ways but unless its compatible 100% with Both SACD and DVD-Audio it will struggle.

With the second generation HDMI (with audio)on the horizon this maybe soon (next three-five years)be a dead argument .
DVD-audio AND SACD need to get there act together the formats have been out for ages and are just not making a big impact .

I own a pioneer 757Ai player but apart from a free promo disc i havent got any new DVD audio or SACD discs anyway!! The lack of releases of music i like is small.

Just found this on DENON USA web site"Denon Link 3 is compatible with all previously released Denon Link products, but is now ready to accept digital SACD data from future Denon source units, if and when formal approval is granted" So they are on to the third version of Denonlink and it may work with SACD if they get approval now thats reasuring:suicide:


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Yeah i think too much fuss is being made at the moment, theres growing talk that SACD is in its death stages. and even more so since DVD-a disc can now be hybrid CD/DVDa.

there just isnt a need for two standards, one will surly die,

and like you said, there isnt a huge range of sacd and dvd-a titles availble. theres only about 2 sacd worh buying for my taste of music and not many more DVD-A discs either.

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