Are CRT TV's good for fast action?


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Hello everybody, I am wanting to ask a pretty wierd question here but are CRT TV's the best for fast moving action?

The reason I am asking this is because I am a big fan of playing on Arcade Machines and I have noticed that some of the modern shooting and racing games (made arround 2006/2007) use CRT as the display. I have been recently playing The Fast and the Furiouse and OutRun 2SP and both of them look extremely smooth interms of motion. The thing I have always wondered is that they were making arcade racing machines not long since but still using CRT as a display type.

So is that because they look good for fast moving action or do they use them just to add those attractive scan lines?


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Okay thanks, somebody told me that plasma are also good for fast moving scenes. Anyway, my DLP seems good with fast motion, how does DLP Compare to CRT and Plasma?

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