Are centre or front priority-Monitor Audio/Kef


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Buying in a few months 5 new speakers for 90% HC use in 19ftx11ft room.

Had narrowed my audition list to the following
MA RS5 RS LCR + rear
MA radius 225 + rear
Kef iQ5 + iQ6c + rear

I was advised, by MA, that a system based on BR5 and BR centre would actually be better.

All three, well now four options, have front speakers valued at around £400 a pair.

The centres seem to range from
Bronze £130
Radius 225 £200
RS LCR £250
iQ6c £300

I know price isn't everything but seems these are similar manufacturers and 3 from MA I would guess that you get what you pay for to a certain extent? So will the Bronze BR5 offer good fronts and good stereo but weaker for the most important speaker?

Any others I should consider at this price range, i.e. £1000 for 5 speakers?
Due to young children I want either wall mounted speakers or fairly stable floorstanders



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To be honest you are talking about centre channel speakers that are to all intensive purposes around about the same price. There will be differences in performance between them and I would put my money on the RSLCR being the best sounding to me.

Until you start considering centre channels that are around the £500-£1500 on ther own you will not hear major differences in sound quality between them. There will inevitably be sound character differences but not necessarily sound quality differences.


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I'd agree with that.
I was between MA Radius, Silver or Kef iQ5 as fronts and the relevant centres -all around £250-300 mark, but when MA advised me the bronze range is actually better for HC in room my size I noticed the relevant centre is about half the price.
As centre was my priority I was concerned that my emphasis was moving?

Any thoughts on this and these systems?

Sorry if this repeats my 1st post but can't remember what I said in that!


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Any more thoughts on this combination?

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We're fairly new Monitor Audio dealers, but from what I've heard so far, the Bronze 5's are a fair bit better than the iQ5's for music, so we'd recommend the MA combination, particularly if music is one of your main priorities.

The Radius is a more discreet option, but won't match the Bronze Reference for movie or music quality. But then again, they are wall mountable.

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