Are Buena Vista starting to use VC-1 codecs for all their upcoming Blu Rays?

Deja Vu and the Queen have VC-1 codecs for the main film. It will be cool if they use it for the upcoming Pirates Blu Rays. I hope they dont use a Mpeg 2.

Sonny Burnett

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Looks like they will be using AVC for the Pirates movies....
Taken from the Digital Bits:

"Also, we've learned from our industry sources that Disney's forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Blu-ray Discs (due 5/22) will offer all of the previous DVD extras, along with some new features created just for the high-definition release. Among these: Curse of the Black Pearl will include the ability to select items of interest while watching the film, thus programming your own documentary to watch after the film, while Dead Man's Chest will enable you to play a game Liar's Dice with characters from the film. Both discs will be hosted by Jolly Roger, similar to the Magic Mirror host for the Snow White: Platinum Edition DVD. Both films will be encoded in AVC and will feature Uncompressed PCM 5.1 audio."

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