Are Bose any good or is it just good marketing?


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I was wondering what people thought about Bose sound equipment? I've listened to it before (albeit in a branch of Currys) and thought it sounded ok, but can't help get the feeling that better value for money can be had elsewhere....


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Agree with Jota180. Far less money will get you far superior performance. Gotta hand it to Bose though, their marketing is phenomenal!

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I'm going to stick my neck out and risk the wrath of most people on here.
If you asked me a few years ago I would have panned Bose as I've always been into high end esoteric equipment but as I get older I find the style and the sound increasingly acceptable.
Depends what you want and are trying to do though. The docs are good (just got a Soundlink Mini) but the audio equipment is admittedly overpriced against alternatives.


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It's the basic box dressed and advertised as premium that bugs me. To me that's bordering on fleecing the customer.

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It's not all desperately bad, the iPod speakers and the wave radio are actually quite decent as well as the noise cancelling headphones.
However the surround sound systems are a rip off of the highest order. You'd get something just as good from Panasonic, Sony etc at 1/4 of the cost and it would have a bluray player with it. A technology that seems beyond Bose.
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I bought a few Wave Radio CD Systems in the space of a couple of years. I bought the first one to see what it sounded like and I was very surprised at how big the sound was for just a tiny unit. But thats about it, the build quality is average (the case creaks when you press on it) not much clarity and detail at all. If you could pick one up cheap it's not bad.

I kept buying them second hand on eBay after I bought the first one for 170 pounds as a BUY IT NOW and relisted it as an aution and got 450 for it. So I scoped around for more and always doubled my money with every one. Certain people just seem to desire them due to the crazy marketing claims.


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Bose are very good at getting a big sound but there is a price - you lose frequency response.


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Style over substance, they are not particularly bad just overpriced.

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