Are Bosch dishwashers still good?


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My Bosch dishwasher which was about 8 years old broke about 14 months ago and I still haven't got around to replacing it. It tripped the electrics and the heater/pump had gone in it and I was told it was probably best to get a new one as they couldn't gaurantee that the heater/pump was the only thing that had gone.

Because it was during the first lockdown, I didn't bother replacing it and still haven't. It's a built in appliance so I can't easy re-use the space so I've just left the broken machine unplugged.

I'm now looking at reviews for the Series2 Bosch for about £390 as I don't want to spend too much. But reading the 1 star and 2 star reviews I can see many instances of this same issue still happening. I've even read reviews on pricier Bosch machines and can see the same fault happening there. Quite a few people reported the heater element blowing after 2 and a bit years and being told it would be about £160 to repair. It makes me think that quality is a thing of the past? There's also complaints on the series 2 model that the pots are still quite when at the end of the program and people are drying them by hand afterwards... now that is crap in my opinion, I might as well stick to washing them by hand!

Can anyone restore my faith please?


Not really :(

The heat pumps they use are very very efficient, but also very poor regarding longevity.
Despite different part numbers the current crop of heat pumps are pretty much identical across the range, wether it's a high end Siemens, or the basic Bosch.
But it's not just Bosch, most manufacturers are using similar tech in order to meet the ever stringent energy ratings set by the EU. What they are ommitting is the fact that if you have to replace the machine after only 3 or 4 years, then any savings have been negated... and then some, as the enegy and materials costs to produce the machine is far in excess of any energy savings made in that time.

Poor drying isn't really a thing tbh. People don't realise that rinse aid plays a big part in the drying process and that if used incorrectly then the pots can sometimes be wet at the end of the cycle.

Having said all of that, my 25 year old dishwasher will have to be replaced soon, and when it does I'll probably end up with a Neff/Bosch/Siemens variant.

Edit: Oh, £160 to replace the heat pump is reasonably cheap tbh, taking into account the amount of time and effort it often takes to remove and re-install the dishwasher.

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About 20 years ago, my parents called in an engineer to repair a very minor fault on their Bosch dishwasher. My mother asked him: "As we've had this for over 10 years, wouldn't it be better to buy a new one rather than patching it up?"

To which the engineer replied: "You want to hold on to this one as long as you can, and don't let anyone talk you into getting rid of it. It's a quality machine, and they just don't make them this good anymore, and that's all of the companies".
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Thanks for the replies, I'm wondering if I should just continue washing the pots myself! Thinking about my dishwasher, it did last 8 years, but I only use it twice a week. So I suspect if it was used daily like most people do then it would have broken a lot sooner.

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Happy with my Bosch Dishwasher. Dishwashers often get abused and not treated well. A bit of TLC - monthly calgonite and cleaner. Clean the filter monthly too and generally they should last a bit longer


Happy with my Bosch Dishwasher. Dishwashers often get abused and not treated well. A bit of TLC - monthly calgonite and cleaner. Clean the filter monthly too and generally they should last a bit longer
Calgon(ite) isn't required as all dishwashers have a molecular water softener built in. As long as the salt is regularly topped up it will not require an additional softener/limescale remover.


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We've had our Bosch 5 (Serie 6) years now, doesn't seem to be slowing in it's performance.

I clean the filter a couple of times a month and every other month use a dishwasher cleaner (hottest setting).

Top up the salt every other month and top up the rinse aid when the light comes on, sometimes before if I'm doing the salt.


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We moved by into our current house about 3 years ago and it had a Bosch dishwasher fitted in behind a cabinet door.
We never bothered to use it as my wife had spent many hours cleaning the rest of the kitchen to remove the previous owners grime and grease and she thought the dishwasher looked “manky” so it has been idle all this time.

A couple of months ago we got around to updating the kitchen worktops and I had a good look at the dishwasher and thought it didn’t look too bad so I gave it a good clean, bought some magnum tablets and it’s flipping fantastic😀

We dug the instructions out and looked up the model number and it’s about 17 years old and built like a tank!
Everything comes out sparkling, we are just hoping it doesn’t break down as nothing I can afford is going to be as good😀


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When the chaps from JL installed my new washing machine a few weeks ago, I quizzed them a bit about my dishwasher. They said that really it should have lasted more than the 8 years it did due to the fact that on average I only used it once a week.

One thing they did say was that the Bosch machines with the fully stainless steel interiors were the better ones - mine wasn't fully stainless steel having a plastic type bottom surface. As far as I can see, only the series 4 and up are fully stainless steel and these machines start at £200 more than the series 2 ones I was looking at.

I'm now wondering if it is worth paying £590ish for a dishwasher or if I should take a chance on the Series 2 again.


I'm now wondering if it is worth paying £590ish for a dishwasher or if I should take a chance on the Series 2 again.

I've been to two of the high end Bosch/Neff dishwashers this week, both having blown the main PCB. One of them was on my reccomendation to a longstanding customer. It's only 3 years old :(

It makes you wonder sometimes, but tbh it's only a small number out of all the hundreds if not thousands I see.

Personally my next replacement will be a Smeg. I like the way they're made, I've installed loads and have never had a days trouble back from any of them over the last five years.

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