Are all thermostats ugly!?


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I was looking at the nest thermostat as my new stat is going to be visible and the nest one looks fantastic, unfortunately it's only available in the states

Anyone know if there are intentions to launch a uk version or know of some good looking thermostats???

Cheers in advance


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I've got a programable one that displays the room temperature, etc, but it's still white plastic, so not very 'bling'. I got it in B&Q for about £30. I'd have thought there would be something a bit smarter around now as I've had it 2-3 years.

Ours looks a bit like this one (the bit on the right) but with a cover that opens to reveal the less often used controls:

Horstmann HRFS1 Room Thermostat, 5015914156434

Something like this looks a bit more flashy, but is still white plastic:

Siemens REV200 Room Thermostat, 5018801009820


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Have a look at heatmiser thermostats
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