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are all sata 2 hard drives compatable with sata 1?


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i ask this because atm i can get a sata 2 1TB HDD from ebuyer for £70ish, but users have reported that the jumpers on it cant be changed. the only way i can recognise and use it in my system is to put it in another system that has sata 2 ports to reconfigure it down to sata 1.

so, can i purchase a sata 2 HDD and use it i my system without resorting to having to reconfigure it. [they do have jumpers like ide drives dont they??]



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sata drives do still have jumpers actually. i just got 2 brand new 500gb sata300 hard drives and they have jumpers on the back to change between 150 and 300 (they are not NEEDED but are still there)

yes sata 300 is fully compatable with a sata 150 port


i presume you're talking about the samsung F1 thats £69 or so? there aren't any jumpers on the back, but the metal bits are there so you can put jumpers on (in other words, just like an IDE drive and you've removed the actual jumper)

you can put the F1 into SATA150 mode and there is some software you can download from the samsung website to put the drive into a further compatibility mode as apparently some motherboards had a problem detecting the drive (which is likely where all the rumours about the drives being unreliable came from, but they made a slight amendment to later productions, and i've never had a problem with mine)

it's certainly a great fast drive, and a bargain at £70


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the drive i was refering to was actually here from scan Scan Computers UK: 500 GB Seagate ST3500320AS Barracuda 7200.11, SATA 300, 7200 rpm, 32MB Cache, 8.5 ms, NCQ

its a seagate 500gb ST3500320AS barracuda 7200.11
7200rpm with 32mb cache

i got 2. one is currently in an icybox external drive caddy and the second one is currently in his pc with xp pro installed (only running at sata 150 via jumpers) as 150 is the max his board will run, i know he didnt need to set the jumpers but if they are there why not?? just avoids complications with compatability with systems that cant auto select 150 or 300


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thanks for the replys.
i was after a maxtor 500gb 32mb cache hdd.
my motherboard is a asrock 775 dual and only supports sata 1.5gb
but i plugged it in and it works.
so thats good. ;)
all that remains now is to backup and reinstall XP onto this new sata drive.
[vista isn't for me]
thx for advice guys.

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