Are all 2017 TV's over 50” horrible in SD?


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Was thinking of going from my current 50” to a 55”, however just been into J.L. and they had a Sony 55XE9005 next to a Sony 49XE9005 both had great pictures until I asked to see them in SD MODE, the 49” was watchable in SD but the 55” was terrible to the point of being unwatchable in SD.

I understand the reasons why SD pictures get worse the bigger the screen goes, So my question is, do any of the 2017 brands / models do a reasonable job on SD pictures at 55" or do I have to stick with a 50" screen or below.


Probably the new LG A1 OLED, but it looks like its not sold here. Only because its a FHD panel though.

Otherwise other FHD TVs are likely to look better such as the LG 910V OLED from 2015.

My in-laws have a 75" and 78" sharp tv's of a few years old and they look decent with SD compared to what i've seen on UHD TVs, its just the way it goes, UHD=worse SD upscaling, even on the better engines.


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Pretty much. Still yet to a see a 65 inch screen playback SD content which looks good.

Smaller screen, better SD content. I think its much more of a factor in how good SD content looks than the pixel count.


Avoid LG since they have poor upscaling compared to Sony and Panasonic, remember in store they will not have the most accurate picture mode set so they will look terrible in store.

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