Arctic Freezer 7 cpu cooler


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I've spent the best part of this evening building the pc shown in my signature.

I had purchased the arctic freezer cooler, but have ended up using the stock cooler, as I didnt like the orientation of the other one.

Due to the motherboard i would have to have the fan pointing either straight down, or straight up. I now realise the reviews i'd read were based on an intel cpu, which are orientated to allow the fan to blow straight into the rear exhaust.:suicide:

Would it make any difference to the performance of the cooler if it pointed straight down? I was concerned that it would be fairly close to the graphics card but this may not be an issue.


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it would as straight down to Gpu, your pointing to one of the hottest parts of the system and you need to Exhaust the Cpu heat, Rear would be ideal, but if you have not got that option Pointing up is the Best position.
I can point mine to the rear but chose to do it straight up (my case has a top fan aswell as a rear fan), due to the proximity of my top fan I almost have a push/pull config and the temperatures are great.


If it's pointed down it'll blow heat from the CPU onto the GPU, which'll then rise and be a swirly vortex mess of hot air. Blowing up means heat from the GPU (if GPU is not blower vented) will pass through the CPU. Best is the CPU horizontal, so air from front case fan(s) goes straight through the CPU cooler and then blown to the back of the case.

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