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I have a DV89. What is currently the latest Software version available and the latest Drive Firmware available? Also what improvments do these updates, if available, make over the veriosns I have listed below.

Software Version: 4.12.0/LT76/02/FF
Firmeware Version: LT76

Matt Horne

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Its mentioned in another thread..look for posts by robocop.
Latest version is 4.18.0 and one of the things it adds is user definable delays for NTSC/PAL

LT76 is still the latest as far as I know.



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Here's a cut n paste from the thread Matt mentioned.

now have 4.18.0 installed
Here are the release notes:

- Correction to support for “PL” button on CR-415 remote control.
- Minor corrections to bass management for MLP.
- Pro Logic “Auto” setting now works correctly with HDCD discs.
- Front panel navigation menu item added.
- Separate audio delay settings for PAL and NTSC now replace the original “Audio delay” menu item of the “Audio” page.
- Player responds more quickly to the command to come out of stand-by.
- Removal of screen corruption when switching between Setup menu and Programme menu.
- Fixed Programme menu for DVDs.
- Skip-back for DVDs now works as for CDs (skips to beginning of current chapter / track, not to the beginning of the previous chapter / track.
- Problem of screen going blank in interlaced mode when switching between PAL / NTSC is fixed.
- Support for DV78 RS232 control.

After checking, the audio delay is adjustable from 0 - 150ms in both PAL and NTSC.


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How do the 'Minor Bass Corrections for MLP' affect me?

How do I make use of the front panel navigation menu? Is this the same as the navigation function on the front of the DV78?

Both my PAL and NTSC audio delay seattings appear to set s default at 0ms, is there a recommendaed setting for each picture type? I have a standard 50Hz CRT television which accepts a full RGB signal. So no component and no prog scan.

What is 'Fixed Programme Menu for DVDs'?

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