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I have never used an Archos before but I need to get one to record something from the television.

Basically the boss wants to have a 2hr segment of CNBC recorded tomorrow morning and we don't have sky + in the office.

So I thought the best way would be to get an archos, but can would this work?

And once recorded can I transfer the recording from the device?

If all is good what is the best Archos to go for to achieve this.




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Hi mate

from my limited knowledge and use of my Archos 5, you can do it, but will need one of the 'docks' that are sold separately. I have the DVR dock and have connected that up to the scart outputs on the back of my SKY box - simple button or two to change to record mode and what is on the tv is then shown on the Archos - press record and away you go.

Presumably, if you don't have a scart out put on your TV, you can still use component or composite to pass the image to the archos. I believe the HDMI on the dock is output only, so you won't be able to go that way.

there is the potential for lip sync issues doing this, so when connected through the dock, you need to change the output for TV from HDMI to something else - this apparently sorts the lipp sync issues - still running experiments with this myself, but seems to have worked so far.

I tend to keep the bitrate down to 1500kbps to avoid too large a file, but you can drop it down further if quality is not so much of an issue.

The default I seem to get are AVI MPEG-4, resolution 640X384, 25fps so you shoudl be able to get it on PC with the right software to play it.

Hope this is of some help!
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