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Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by reevesy, Sep 23, 2005.

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    just had one of these delivered and am impressed with build,sound quality and size,thing is i'm having problems with using with win 98 se.
    here goes....
    during the transfer of several folders i am being met with the dreaded blue screen saying 'insert disk juke box with ser no OEFII-133C in drive E'
    esc or enter brings up a black screen with a white pointer and i have to reset pc also get this if i try to 'eject drive' on the removable disc.
    i downloaded and installed driver from the archos site so: can i unistall and reinstall drivers (cant find anywhere to unistall) tried add remove and device manager.
    2. how can i safely remove player from pc with win 98?,no green arrow or anything on task bar just eject selection on right click which brings up the blue screen stuff?
    3.pc wont recognise removable drive unless i boot up with the player connected by usb and switched on?

    anyone out there using this with win 98 se who can help?
    cheers in advanced.

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