Archos AV400 Dvd Encoding Question

Matt Horne

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Well I have been reading up on the Archos AV420.. and it sounds great. Ihave had a play about with a colleagues player.. and its a nice bit of kit.

My question here is for users of the archos.. and what bitrate/size/quality people have decided on for encoding dvd's onto the player.

So what do you use for your archos? I presuem there is a point where you get a nice balance between quality for the small screen and file size.




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I use Pocket DVD Studio which has a max res of 640 x 480, 1750Kbps and produces avi's direct from dvd. One hour equates to about 600 MB. You can use lower resolutions and get much lower file sizes.


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Matt Horne said:
Ihave had a play about with a colleagues player.. and its a nice bit of kit.
Maybe you could answer a question as well, then.

An oft-quoted review mentioned the fixed 4:3 aspect ratio of the display. Is that much of a problem with 16:9 titles playing back on it?

(For conversion I can recommend Fair Use Wizard. Plenty of options, esp. with XviD encoding, and you can mount ISO images.)


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I've encoded multiple films and tv series, for everything I just leave the video settings on AUTO and it sorts the display out for me with no problems.

For series like "24" the display on auto fills the screen, for films like "pitch Black" when I can see the black bar in the encoding window their is obviously a black bar at the top and bottom of the screen on the archos. In the new version 3.1 of Pocketdvd you can remove the bar before encoding.

The display settings on the Archos don't seem to make much change in what you actually see, so I think its best to crop during encoding to get the best result.... if you can be bothered, personally I don't think its worth the extra effort.

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