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Hello All
Hope you can help, this is a very basic enquiry so forgive me for being thick
Missus bought me one of these for Xmas so I can put my backlog of Sky+ programmes onto and watch when on long haul flights etc
However, I gather:-
I can only put programmes onto it by playing them i.e, there is no transfer option like you do with a file on your PC – is this correct?
If so, I have to play a programme and record it (which I have managed to do), perhaps when I have gone to bed, but I can only then do one programme at a time. Is this true? I know there is a Copy function on Sky+ but when I have labelled a range of programmes ‘Copy' it doesn't seem to then play them to then put them onto the Archos. It just give me a list of the programmes selected.

In short, I just can not use the damn thing, but I know I have not read up or been patient enough with it as yet. Please can people advise how they get the best out of it. I would like to be able to hit copy for 5 programmes and they all get transferred over to the Archos in a few seconds, or at least overnight – is this possible (one programme at a time is a bit poor)???
Finally, I can only find Speaker on or off, not volume control, on the menu. Where is the volume control?
Told you I was thick. :oops: All help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.


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The volume control is the up and down key on the 4 way control button when you are watching a video or listening to music, it then comes up with the volume level on the screen.

You can transfer video files to your Archos, but only from a PC and if they are MPEG4 .avi files. The files on a SKY+ box are stored in their own format (MPEG2 probably) and the output from the Sky+ box is an analogue audio video signal which the Archos re-encodes to MPEG4. You could do this with some software on your PC, but there will be no way of transferring the files from your Sky+ box to your PC.

Sorry I don't know enough about Sky+ to know if you can queue programs to play so you can record a batch at once.

But once you've got them over they are great to watch on long haul flights I find my AV560 great.

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