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Archos 705 battery life


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Battery life is not very good for a hand held device is it.
I find that if I leave on mains charge, until battery is up to 5 bars, then I have had just under 2 hours of playback
The problem is , how long do you leave it on charge for?
If you take it off charge to see where the bar is, and it is up to 5bar, then you assume it is fully charged, but sometimes it might have just reached full, and as soon as you started navigating the menus, the bar falls back down to 4.
If you leave it on charge after it is at 5bar then surely you will start to damage the battery

Is there a way of knowing when battery is at optimum level?


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The charge light on side of the unit flashes when fully charged, though I have taken mine off charge before flashing started and it has shown five bars :confused:

We get about 4hrs video playback on ours before it fails.


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I have the 605 and am in the process of getting the battery replaced.
Apparently it prematurely failed because I left it in the docking station therefore it was constantly getting charged


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I get about 4 hours from a full charge. After about 30 mins the bars drop to half way but I still get another 3 1/2 hours. I have a docking station I bought with my 704 and also found like "papaclio" that always charging the battery when using it with the docking station cause the battery life to be shortened, I only get about 2 hours out of that battery now..


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Archos indicated that it would cost in the region of £80 to fit a new battery
but after looking on the Archos forum I decided to look elsewhere as there was lot's of complaints about turn around time with Archos and inflated bills

So machine is away to an independant I will let you know how I get on once it is back

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