Archos 70 internet tablet queries


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I bought this last week and I must admit that is a cracking bit of kit for the price that I paid for it.

Picture is very good, ingenious stand so I can watch on my desk at work, brilliant battery life and good storage capacity which I have upgraded with my 32GB micro SD card. I can also stream seamlessly from my NAS server and watch tv programmes, films, music from the comfort of my bed!

However, I have two queries which I wanted to see was possible:

I am unable to skip/fast forward scenes in films/music concerts. For example, I cannot skip an hour into Back To The Future II, I would have to watch the film until that point in time. Any ideas as to why this is? The files on my NAS are .mkv files which have been ripped from my DVD collection.

Also, I am aware that you can get the Android Market installed on the device but am unsure of the process. I would like to get the SKY Go App and watch Sky Sports when the missus has something different on downstairs :) Can I get this app on the Android store and how would I go about installing it?

Many thanks in advance!


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Download ARCtools from the Appslib market - from there you can download the Android Marketplace app.

(just got a 70IT also, playing with... ahem... setting up for a daughter's xmas present)

Not tried the video player - maybe try a downloaded player app instead of the built in player? MX video player has been recommended to me.


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Yeah I'm just using the standard video player out of the box, haven't looked into any apps yet. Is the one that you have quoted free (not too keen to pay to be honest!).

Thanks for the information about the Android Market app, thought I would have to do something complicated to the device to get it on there!

Strange question but is there a way of watching the SKY programmes that have been recorded through SKY+ on a device such as the Archos 70 (as well as viewing through SKY Go, etc)?


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Tried this last night but couldn't get the Market app to work correctly (looked like a bodge job to be honest with no ratings). Anyone have any ideas?!


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Damn, any news when this will be released (if at all?)

this winter if you believe the blurb but im wondering if its a flapple deal thats been done to give them a market one man upmanship over droid as theyve had this now about 4 or 5 months. stinks really, id say theres more droid phones out there now than flapple so if they dont hurry up they may shoot themselves in the foot as theres more than one way to skin a cat
are you listening mr murdoch?????

ps he probably is as they listen to everything else if you read the papers :laugh:


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Well hopefully they will release it. I enjoy watching Sky Go on my iPhone 4S but it would be even better on my Archos!

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